Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mexico 2010

We went to Mexico the last week of January! There were 8 of us, Rick's brothers, Matt, David, Curt and sis-in-law Chris, and my aunt & uncle Clark & Marilyn. We had a great time! This was our second time at the resort along with Curt & Chris! The resort was just as beautiful as the first time we were there. The food was awesom, drinks cold and the beach was white and beautiful! We had 85-90 degree weather everyday, with a few sprinkles the last morning! Here are just a few pics from the week!

Hanging out in the pool!
Blue skies & crystal blue water

The view from our balcony

view from the lobby of the hotel. new pool, hot tub and rooms

the group at the italian buffet

Kenady & Maddie's hair color!

The girls have been begging me since last summer to let my cousin color their hair! I finally gave into them and they got their hair colored underneath and a strip on the top! Kenady got hot pink and Maddie got purple! They love it! The pictures are from right after they got it done. It isn't as bright since they've washed it a few times!

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm still here!

I'm still here! We've had a busy couple of weeks! The girls had a cheer competition at the Mall of America in Minnesota and then we left for Mexico 4 days later!